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    The Story

    The world runs in a push-pull motion. Gravity keeps us down, and winds knock us around. The same applies to our minds and spirit.
    We’ve named this contradiction as being a Mindful Hedonist. The one that is eager to jump into tasting everything life has to offer, yet holding the door open for anyone following. A pleasure manifesto spoken softly, so to say. The Lebowskis, the Hunter S. Thompsons, or the Oscar Wildes of this world have personified this calling.

    We’re tired of uneventful beverages, that sap the mind into a routine. A PUNCH product is, therefore, a looking glass for you to see the perfect moment for yourself. Whatever you’ll find.

    Our recipes cater to tickle your tastebuds, our aim is not to fool them with any artificial trickery. In our production, we value the earth’s greenery and tend to keep it that way.

    So drop your guard of conformity and join the Club. Punch Club.

    In the Beginning

    The history



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    Innovating & Experimenting

    We love putting together science and the latest trends in mixology. Through thousands of trials and errors we have learned the skill of capturing virtually any flavour out there.


    All our products (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are produced by using the infusion process. We have developed a unique signature sequence of steps for preparing fresh and flavour-rich infusions in the most natural and organic way possible. This unique process translates to beverages with strong aroma and flavour along with health benefits from natural ingredients (nutrients, vitamins) without artificial colouring and preservatives.

    Business model innovation

    Our business model kas moved from solely selling products to also providing a unique service to bars, clubs, festivals etc that helps our partners to earn more revenue and opportunity to add more value throughout the whole hospitality cycle.


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    Although our team is bigger than these three musketeers, they are the driving forces behind out tastes and drinks.

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