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Campaign goals


New Range of drinks

We have never been short of ideas, but rather the time and space to make it happen. Having you on our side presents us with a great opportunity to launch new product lines in the coming year. We have been working with some of the best bartenders for the past years and are really proud to bottle the creme de la punch of their creations.


Our Showroom

We want you and your friends to be a part of our family, literally. Just like some of the best breweries have their own tap-rooms, we have a plan to create an extraordinary showroom and state of the art cocktail laboratory for all our fans. A space that is remarkable both architecturally (located in an old factory) as well as service-wise, with a lively bar, a live mixology station, space to meet and test new drinks, participate in workshops or simply hang out.



First and foremost our plan is to go international. We seek to increase the volume of our exports both in the drinks category as well as the new and successful Sanitizer line. To do so, we need to invest into production to increase capacity and volume as well as our international marketing efforts, to introduce our product portfolio to international distributors, resellers and bars.


An early bird gets the juicier worm. But we’d like you to get a better bidding position by first signing up here and now. No financial commitments are required but by signing-up you will be the first to access the detailed campaign documentation available on Funderbeam. This means that you’ll get a sneak peek to all the relevant materials and in case of an oversubscription of share applications, those who signed up early will have an upper hand. Simply leave us your email address and if you already have a hunch of how much you would like to contribute just use the slider here and give us an indication.

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Why should you?

Well, hopefully if you have tried our drinks then you already know why. If not then here are some additional perks. We are obsessed with making the world a better and more fun place to be, which is why our products are organic, made with real botanicals and enjoyed in good company. We have validated our business model, have been profitable since day one and have received numerous international and domestic awards and appraisals for our products. Our product and approach is unique, as are our customers — people that set good taste, healthy vibes and positive attitude as their top priority. In our Funderbeam pitch deck you’ll find a thorough list of compelling reasons for investing in us. Sign-up and you’ll be amongst the first to read it.

Our Products

Tap Cocktails

This is the future of bars as we see it — cocktails on tap. Both our regular range as well as hand crafted limited editions will be available in kegs for some of the best bars and taps out there. It is summer, after all, and our cocktail kegs make serving easier and a lot faster for bars and venues without any compromise to taste and quality. By the way, have you ever walked into the new Noblessner hotspot in Tallinn and wondered how all those hundreds of people can enjoy such a smooth cocktail service? Yep, you guessed it: tap cocktails by Punch Drinks :)


Life now works according to the new normal and Sanitizer is a great example of how agile we can be. Readjusting our production to mass produce sanitizer during the hardest time in the crisis was a great effort but also a huge success which helped us gain trust among many new fans and also investors. As an organic drinks maker even our sanitizer is special! Although for external use only, it is one of the very few on the market that has been made from the highest drinking grade spirit. We offer our Sanitizer in comfy and fashionable pocket size spray bottles together with a refill canister — keeping the cost down and the quality up.



Most of our drinks have been developed in cooperation with professional bartenders and already they have been tasted by thousands of mindful and hedonistic people in the world. Crazy botanical infusions, made with minimal sugar and always with a story to tell about each recipe. We make our own original cocktails as well as privately labeled classics for special bars and events. You will also find a range of healthy and oraganic soft drinks and lemonades in our Soft Punch! range. Check out our website and put together a box of different tastes to your own liking.

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About us

Our Culture

We love classic drinks and cocktails, but have decided to pay our respects in a new and more sustainable way. All our drinks are made with natural botanical infusions. We avoid preservatives, enhancers or excess sugars to boost the taste. We dare to innovate and experiment, putting together science and the latest trends in mixology. Through thousands of trials and errors we have learned the skill of capturing virtually any flavor out there and bottling it under our iconic Punch! cap.

Our Story

Punch was born out of the desire to offer better drinks. There was, and still is, way too much sugar, artificial flavorings and preservatives in a lot of the drinks we consume on a daily basis. Although we are paying more and more attention to the stuff we eat, somehow we are keeping our standards low when it comes to drinks. We aim to change that.