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  • Classics Reimagined: Aviation


    Gin Cocktail 19,1% VOL, 500ML

    Classics Reimagined is our new ready to serve cocktail series, which allows you to enjoy world class cocktails whenever, wherever.

    Recipe: Maraschino Luxardo & Punch Club® organic gin infused with Asian pigeonwings

    Forget about jiggers, muddlers, measuring cups & other barware specific glossary – enjoying classical cocktails has never been so easy. Only thing what you really need is ice and a proper glass to get you in the right setting. For detailed serving recommendations make sure you also check the back label of the product.

    Did you know?

    Asian pigeonwings, aka Clitoria Ternatea in latin, is also the main culprit behind this lovely purple colour. Also, in some parts of the world (e.g India), Asian Pigeonwings is revered as a holy flower & used in daily puja rituals.


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