Soft Punch! Passionfruit & Mate natural energy drink

Soft Punch beverages

Soft Punch beverages are healthy alternatives to sugary lemonades and chemically engineered energy drinks.

We are obsessed with making the world a better and more fun place to be, which is why our products are organic, made with real botanicals and enjoyed in a good company. All our Soft Punch beverages are:

  • Botanically infused – meaning we use real botanicals, plants and herbs to craft the taste
  • Organic – we do not use preservatives or otherwise harmful chemicals. Everything is as natural as it gets.
  • Low sugar – we try to keep it minimal. On average our soft drinks contain about two times less sugar than average lemonades

You can see additional information about these drinks in our e-shop. For distribution and reseller inquiries please write info@punch-drinks.com